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Page Load Time is Critical

There are over 250 different ranking factors that Google uses to determine if you are going to show up in the search results.  Google has told us that site load speed factors ...
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Website Traffic is not Real!

There is no such thing as website traffic! <insert dramatic pause> You DO NOT have traffic to your site.  You do have human beings on the other side of a screen ...
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Is Link Building a Viable Strategy?

In the past, SEO experts far and wide would tell you that your site needed to have as many links in and out as possible to build it's authority and ...
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How to Build Links to Your Site

Let me just start this post with a quick disclaimer... building high-quality links to your site is an art.  It's not going to happen overnight and there is no shortcut ...
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How to Measure Success in Link Building

If you're running marketing campaigns, you are likely aware that goal setting is a powerful first step.  By determining what objective you are trying to reach, it's possible to track ...
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Exact Keyword Matches are Irrelevant

A lot of people think that you can only rank for a keyword if someone's search exactly matches the word or phrase that you optimized your page for.  Then they ...
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How Pillar Pages Boost Search Rank

Last week I walked you through how search engines are evolving to focus on the user's intent in their searches instead of just using the exact words or phrase they ...
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How Search Intent is Changing Long-Tail Keywords

The way humans use search engines is always changing.  Search bots are forced to constantly evolve so they can continue to find results that match the user's expectations. This means ...
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How Voice Search is Changing SEO + Traffic Tips

SEO is all about making sure that humans can find the website and content that you invested in creating.  By making sure Google and other smart-bots can read and, more importantly, understand the words ...
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Critical Data For Online Business Listings

Listings for local SEO If you want to rank well in local search, you need consistent NAP data, website, hours, and more across all major listing directories. This is essential ...
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What Social Media Monitoring Can Teach You About Your Business

Intro to Social Media Monitoring Have you ever been at a party and caught a person or a group glancing at you while whispering covertly? What’s up with that? Is ...
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Facebook Introduces 3 New Features For Dynamic Ads

Apparently it is never too early to begin planning for the holiday season-- especially if you are in marketing. According to an article on, in the last week of ...
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