Testimonials and Recommendations

Kind words from my past & current clients,
managers, peers, and direct reports.


Robert Davies

Global Product Manager

Javier and I worked alongside each other in the Marketing Department for about a year and half while at Millennium Health. Upon first working with Javier, it was clearly evident that he had a mastery of digital marketing. For many of us in the department, Javier was a mentor in digital marketing, helping those involved with product management in creating plans across nearly all product lines. His collaborative spirit was a welcome and always appreciated trait that invariably lead to the success of many project and initiatives. I recommend Javier for any company needing a highly capable digital marketing expert.


Nicole Quiroz

Marketing and Communications Professional

I had the pleasure of working with Javier for more than three years at Millennium Health, and I learned more about digital strategy from him than from anyone else. Javier is fiercely passionate about marketing and uses his knowledge to help people/companies meet their goals. Under Javier’s leadership, he built a dedicated creative team from the ground up, and lead the company’s successful digital marketing efforts. It’s a no-brainer that Javier’s expertise, plus his down-to-earth, friendly personality, makes him a perfect fit for any company looking to gain more customers and grow their business.


Andria Lee Del Tredici

Director of Translational Genetics

I have worked with Javier for almost 5 years, and I would welcome the opportunity to work with Javier again. As a scientist, I have learned a lot from Javier about what digital marketing and creative branding can do for clinical products. Javier is professional and dedicated to producing high quality work. I am happy to know Javier, and I would not hesitate to recommend him as an asset to any organization.


Angela Long

Organizational Learning

It is rare to come across a solid leader such as Javier that is strong in each core competency!

I had the pleasure of working with Javier for over two years. He had the ability to speak with poise and polish in a room full of people, lead company-wide initiatives crucial to our mission and vision, and drive goals to meet crunch-time deadlines with high impact results!

I will miss working with Javier, his intellect, and creativity inspired me to become a better version of myself as both a professional and person.

Javier would be an incredible value and asset to any organization! He has my utmost respect and professional recommendation.


Angela Lorigo

Supervisor and Media Planner

I had the pleasure of working very closely with Javier for 3 years as his direct point of contact at the media AOR for Millennium Health.

Javier is extremely knowledgeable in the digital space, which made for such a smooth client/agency relationship. On the agency side, we strive to make sure the client is on board and confident in our media strategy. With Javier, we always seemed to be on the same page both strategically and technically. He just gets it! His drive for results, attention to detail and buttoned up marketing direction was integral in the success of the Millennium Health campaigns. Among all this, he is truly one of the most genuine people I have had the pleasure to work with.

I gladly give him my highest recommendation and would love the opportunity to work with him again. He will add absolute value to any company looking to grow their business and would honestly be lucky to have him. Wishing you much success in your future endeavors Javier!


Rick Sandouk

Director, Performance Marketing

I worked with Javier as his advertising agency contact. He was always a pleasure to work with as the Director of Marketing. Javier has a great mind for developing omnichannel marketing strategies. Under his guidance and direction, we were able to successfully launch a new product for the brand and generate immediate sales impact.

His knowledge and understanding of the niche B2B physician market for his company's products was truly impressive. He has strong technical expertise and a very collaborative mindset.

A true thought leader, I would highly recommend Javier for any leadership position looking to grow their market share and company as a whole.


Kevin O'Donnell

Director of Product Management

Javier is an excellent marketing leader who possesses the unique ability to clearly develop marketing strategies and collaboratively drive cross-functional teams to success implementing those strategies. While at Millennium Health, he demonstrated his deep knowledge and experience in digital marketing best practices, including lead generation, social marketing, marketing automation, and salesforce.com integration. In addition he excelled at leading the creative marketing team.

Javier is a skilled team player with superior problem-solving and communication skills and was one of the people I looked forward to working with on a daily basis. It was a pleasure to work with Javier. I would consider myself lucky if I were able to work with him again.


Nikhil Nayak

Chief Strategy Officer

Javier is one of the most outstanding people I have ever had the opportunity to work with and mentor. I give him my highest recommendation for any marketing role within an organization.

Javier’s excellent technical and foundational acumen are matched by his strong work ethic and interpersonal skills. Javier’s leadership was on display throughout his career at Millennium. Rising quickly through well-earned promotions, Javier built the entire marketing operations team overseeing all aspects of the creative, digital marketing and advertising functions.

Javier is strongly motivated for success and driven to grow professionally. He balances his own needs seamlessly with those he manages within the department and peers cross-functionally with relative ease. Every single person that has worked with Javier at Millennium, has come away from the interactions impressed and singing his praises.

I look forward to Javier’s continued success and would wholeheartedly welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.


Jon Gettle

Marketing, Sales, and Customer Success Consultant

I worked closely with Javier for 2.5 years, and I would love a chance to work with him again. As a marketer, Javier's hard and soft skills impressed - particularly as he navigated the challenges of a heavily regulated industry. In addition to being a marketer with "plus" skills in today's digital marketing landscape - automation, content strategy, reporting and ad-buys - Javier taught me about interesting approaches to newer digital media platforms like podcasting.

I'm excited to implement some of what I've learned from Javier, and work together again soon.


Seema Gurung

Project Manager

Javier was always a pleasure to work with. He is technically proficient, well-organized and meets deadlines consistently. I would describe him as a talented, smart, and savvy marketer, coupled with a very positive attitude. Working with him at Millennium Health, he was always able to provide strategic insights and explain complex digital marketing concepts simply. Javier was a valuable asset to our team and I can confidently say that he will be a valuable resource to any organization he works with.


Jody Schneider

Associate Manager, Public Relations

I had the pleasure of working with Javier at Millennium Health. He was a patient, stable and talented force within the marketing department. In addition to his strength in web design, he did an incredible job handling all digital and creative marketing efforts, driving user engagement and streamlining operations for enhanced ROI. Javier is an extremely valuable team member and mentor.


Michael Jenkins

Digital Marketing Expert

Javier and his team at MinMax are amazing. They bring a wealth of experience, creativity and real-world business focus to the digital marketing world. At a time when many companies try to "talk over your head" in terms of digital, they break it down to easily understandable, HIGHLY effective, ROI driven steps. I highly recommend Javier!


Louis Mercado

Agency Founder, Digital Marketing for Dentists

Javier is an excellent digital marketer with many years of experience! He successfully established our lead generation system that improved the sales, month after month as he stated during the strategy session. He is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious, always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at delivering our goals. If you have a need to get sales leads for your business, hire Javier! He’s the best!


Andre Couture

Digital Marketing Director, Agency Owner

Javier is a great marketer! He focuses on creating comprehensive digital marketing strategies based your company goals and recommends the best possible tactics. Javier's team helps implement and is very easy to work with. Mike and Josh are pros and do awesome work managing campaigns.


Aaron Mckeown

Founder, Digital Agency Owner

Javier and his team are seasoned digital marketing experts who do an amazing job of connecting big picture goals with the specific campaign tactics you need to accomplish them. If you need help creating a smart, holistic, long-term marketing plan, Javier's an excellent resource.


Thad Spates

B2B Marketing Expert for Technology Businesses

Working with Javier has been a pleasure. His great attitude towards his work and the professionalism he always showed was infectious, and made those around him want to do their best as well. It's hard not to notice the amount of effort he puts into marketing, knowing we had someone like that on our team who was willing to give that extra push made it that much easier to develop and consistently update the product.


Michela Palmer

Communications Strategist

I had the privilege of working closely with Javier for 2 years while at Millennium Health. Javier is as talented as he is an incredible person. He is a digital marketing and strategy expert who has the ability to teach and educate others with ease, and has a sense of passion and creativity that goes unmatched. As a manager, he serves as a mentor and is fair in his leadership, constantly encouraging his team to learn and grow in their careers; as a co-worker, he is kind, compassionate and a true team player.

Javier has proven his abilities time and time again as a thought leader, bringing many new ideas to Millennium, incorporating marketing automation and social platforms, driving demand generation and producing impactful leads for the company. He plays a key role in the success of the company but remains humble in his accomplishments. Javier is a pleasure to work with and would be an asset to any company that is lucky enough to have him.


Scott Garcia

Head of Product

When I think of Javier, “exceptional” is the word that comes to mind. I hired Javier as Sr. Product Designer for our team at empowr, where he expertly lead our effort to refresh our brand and product design. I was very much impressed by Javier's ability to handle such a large project and continually changing requirements with ease. His ability to perform under stress allowed him to excel in our agile environment. Javier has my highest recommendation.


Melissa Stearns

Sr. Instructional Designer

Javier and I partnered together while creating new company webpages to promote an upcoming Education series. He provided great insight as to the types of information that should be included and clear direction on what he would need in order to launch the pages under a tight deadline. Through Javier’s clear direction, attention to detail, and expertise in web page design and execution we were able to successfully launch our initiative on-time. I appreciate Javier’s collaboration style, and would recommend him to anyone that is looking for a positive team player who does what it takes to get the job done right.


Francisco Noriega

Software Engineer

Javier is an great designer, HTML/CSS expert with great eye and experience for user design.. All in all Javier is someone that is super creative, skilled, and a real pleasure to work with. - I could tell immediately that Javier would make an impact on our organization.

I worked with Javier while at a company called Empower, where he was Sr. Product Designer. - Javier was brought on as Sr. Product Designer for our team at Empowr, where he expertly lead our effort to refresh our brand and product design. I used to work there in the development team, and I can tell that it was refreshing to work with a UI person that was easy to work with, had designs/style books, and coded himself bits of functionality when needed. He took the time to explain things I wasn't too familiar with regarding html/css, and wasn't afraid to roll up the sleeves and get hands dirty digging through some rough previous html.

Javier could handle very tough, very critical projects with no delays and always delivering more than expected. It was obvious that his years of experience working within high-performance teams allowed him to be at home in our agile environment. - I was impressed with Javier's ability to think creatively and come up with new ideas—he never ceased to add to our brainstorming sessions and constantly provided value to our team.

Personally, I found that Javier was always happy to help—he made it very easy to depend on him in any situation, his attitude and always positive, which made talking with Javier some of the things I enjoyed most while working on projects that had long hours and a fairly stressful environment. He always had great insights and interesting topics to discuss. If you get to work with him, you’ll see that Javier has a very positive attitude and strives to do what is best for the team.

Javier is an asset and any team would be lucky to have him. - I’m happy to give Javier my highest recommendation. - If your organization has the chance, don’t pass on Javier—he’s a great resource.


Lauren Thayer

Director of Marketing

Javier is an exceptionally talented developer and creative designer who delivers results. As the Digital Marketing Manager at Robbins Research International, I relied heavily on Javier to redesign our website on a responsive theme, optimize landing pages, rebuild our email program and run split tests in Marketo, and launch a record breaking holiday campaign that generated 131% more revenue year over year. I am impressed with his ability to stay positive and focused, yet still creative, under the tightest deadlines. Javier is a true professional and a joy to work with.


Ashley Shafer

Small Business Owner

Javier is an intelligent individual who I see as a very qualified expert when it comes to digital strategy. He has always been full of great ideas about how to make Millennium Health's digital presence stronger, and how to improve the user experience. He was able to gather and utilize helpful data in regards to our online traffic that then influenced many of our strategy decisions. Beyond his obvious skill, Javier is a pleasure to work with and someone I would highly recommend to any company.


Aimee Swindall

Software Product Management

Javier is an outstanding UI/UX professional. I work with him at Millennium Health, specifically on our Connect platform, where he always provides excellent insight, creativity and expertise. Javier consistently comes through on his commitments and has always supported my deadlines. He has great enthusiasm which shows both professionally and personally. His superb skills make him a great asset and has my highest recommendation.


Kimmy Barnard

Motion Graphics Artist and Video Editor

Javier is intelligent, capable, and a pleasure to work with—I'm glad to have had the opportunity to work with him. Javier serves Millennium Health as our Digital Strategy and UX Manager, where he leads the management and optimization of our digital marketing channels. I have to say, his understanding of customer experience was inspiring. His expertise helped to greatly improve our plans and projects. On a personal note, Javier’s "always positive" outlook and his desire to do what was best for the team was refreshing. I'm happy to give Javier my highest recommendation.


Kevin Keegan

Director of Market Development

Javier is an amazing digital strategist. Javier joined our team at Millennium Health as our Digital Strategy and UX Manager, where he effortlessly took it upon himself to manage, maintain and optimize our digital marketing channels. I was very much impressed by Javier's ability to “see the bigger picture” and tie together fine details towards our larger business goals. His expertise made a dramatic difference in the development of marketing plans and web-related projects. Javier is the type of person that is always happy to help—I could always depend on him in any situation. Any organization would be lucky to have Javier.


Nicole Beckstrand

Healthcare Communications Professional

Javier reported in to me while serving Millennium as Digital Strategy & UX Manager. He is extremely talented and driven, and was integral in developing the company's digital marketing efforts, increasing traffic and conversions. He is able to envision where we need to be, inspire others to produce what we need, and is thorough in his approach to strategy development, execution, and measurement. He's an excellent partner who takes pride in his work, who asks all the right questions, who looks for the opportunities and solutions in every challenge.


Rachel Gray

Product Owner

Javier is an exceptional Digital Strategy and UX Manager. He brings an immense amount of knowledge and expertise to the team, allowing him to effectively strategize digital needs. His ability to think outside of the box and bring new and exciting ideas to the table is invaluable, especially in complex and dynamic environments.

Javier’s work ethic and collaborative working style has proven to be successful. I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future and would highly recommend him in his future endeavors.


Yesenia Gutierrez

Creative Design Professional

Javier impressed me immediately with his intelligence, depth of knowledge and solution-oriented way of thinking. He is fearless in that he is always up for new and greater challenges, all the while retaining an effective balance of methodology and innovation. In a complex, deadline-driven environment, Javier excels. He is a superlative team member, contributor and colleague at Millennium Health.


Menaka Ramprasad

Digital Marketing Strategist

I was able to work with Javier on developing visibility for social media handles. Throughout this time, his constant guidance and encouragement helped me understand social media in a more creative way.

Javier is always friendly and approachable. I have so much respect for his work ethic and dedication to consistently produce quality work. I definitely recommend Javier to anyone!


Rebecca Woods

Artist, Photographer

Javier's creative thinking, expertise, ability to think strategically and come up with viable solutions makes him a highly valuable asset to Millennium Health. He is an extremely fair and honest person and I really enjoyed working with him. Javier is a very personable, hard working, highly intelligent individual who will never let you down. I highly recommend him!


Jeremiah Nellis

Director, Digital Strategy

I was immediately impressed with Javier after hiring him for a web Designer/ Developer position at Millennium Health. His ability to eloquently communicate complex concepts is rare in the Digital & Creative fields. Javier is excellent at problem solving, dealing with accelerated timelines and thinking on his feet. I would go out on a limb and recommend very many people, but Javier is at the top of that short list.


Nick Anderson

Senior Consultant

I worked with Javier on many projects at empowr. His keen attention to detail, along with his excellent eye for design and usability, made him a go-to resource for the product team during all phases of a project. Javier was instantly able to provide recommendations that drastically improved both overall design and user experience. I would highly recommend him.


Eldar Gaziev

Web Designer

I had the pleasure to work with Javier at Empowr where he was a Senior Product designer. During this time he made a significant impact on the company with his ability to adhere to the overall goal. I was very impressed with his Design and Front-End skills as well as communication on all levels. His knowledge and experience in Design and Web Development showed that he is very passionate about his work. I learned a lot from Javier during this time on Web Design, Branding, Color Theory, Type and Print. He always stays on top of the current Design trends and brings his knowledge as well as a great personality to the work place. I would recommend Javier to any prospective employer and can say that he will be a great addition to any team.


Josh Hunter

Artist, Agency Owner

For the past three years, I have been responsible for building and leading the creative team responsible for marketing and promoting the Tony Robbins brand. One skill that has been exceptionally valuable to our team is that of a designer who grasps the importance of visual aesthetics while backing that up with innovative and proficient development skills. Javier is by far one of the most skilled hybrid-designer/developers I have ever worked with in the industry.

Whether its concepting fresh and clever design solutions, migrating complex web design from static to WordPress, or delivering near-perfect deliverables in a short timeframe, Javier has proved invaluable.

He has my highest of recommendations.


Chantal Aida Gordon

Copywriter, Editorial Director

When Javier arrived at the office and put his talent into action, the result was immediately impressive: His work is modern yet warm, powerful but with a human touch. His work has helped our campaigns expand their reach and exceed their goals. Plus, he’s an absolute pleasure to work alongside; Javier is kind, thoughtful, generous and, deadline-wise, is known to make the impossible possible. I highly recommend him as a collaborator and colleague.


Krystel Tien

Small Business Owner

Javier is an exceptional web designer! He was able to create exactly what I had been wanting and in a very timely manner. He saw the vision and made it a reality! His attention to detail and creative thinking are impeccable. I have loved each of the sites he created for us.


Courtney Grimes

Martech Solutions Architect

No matter the challenge, Javier is always up to it--whether it's frontend design and development, creating print pieces on the turn of a dime or making sleek, modern graphics for a web app. His enthusiasm and pride in his work is evident not only in what he creates, but how he works as a team player to help achieve the larger goals of an organization.

Javier is an absolute pleasure to work with and highly recommended.


Melissa Kushnaryov

Marketing Professional and Yoga Instructor

Javier brings a lot to the table. He's a talented designer, very detail-oriented and proactive on his projects, and always has a great attitude. He has a knack for understanding the outcome from a marketing perspective and making insightful design recommendations to achieve the end goal. Javier is truly a pleasure to work with and an asset to the team.


Alex Brandstetter

Senior Strategy Consultant

Javier is one of the those designers/developers that you dream to work with at some point in your career. On top of his creative prowess, design versatility and ability to identify and implement key UX improvements to drive conversion rates - Javier is a joy to work with! He comes to work with a positive, productive, professional attitude that spreads to everyone around him. Javier was a major player (and unsung hero) in the success of our holiday campaigns with his amazing email and landing page designs that elevated our brand and engaged our customers. Javier also led our "web rehab" initiative from a development perspective that will drastically improve the way users navigate our site. Any company looking to take their web presence and digital marketing collateral to the next level NEEDS Javier Castillo on their team.


Justin Palicki

Executive Experience Manager

Javier’s design skills are matched only by his knack for communication and commitment to getting the job done right. He has made this department shine countless times, often at the 11th hour, staying late to complete massive projects—typically with unreasonable deadlines. Javier brings a fresh perspective to all our design projects, and always remains objective to feedback, and is easy to work with through the creative process. He's is extremely talented working in HTML/web, email marketing, design and more, and would be an integral component to any organization, or a valuable ally independently.


Brittany Dowell

Art Director

Javier is a superb designer, developer and colleague. He came to our office as a contractor for my replacement while on maternity leave. Within the first two weeks of being here, he had already become a key asset in a new project that we were developing and helped strategize ways that could save the company money in development cost. He works great in our fast-paced environment while maintaining close attention to detail in his work and designs. His work ethic, in-depth knowledge in his field, positive attitude and friendly personality make him a key member of our team and a joy to work with!


Jamaica Hardley

Director, Strategic Marketing & Creative Services

Javier is an outstanding designer with a professional demeanor. He is a true team player that knows how to navigate rough waters. An asset to the Tony Robbins marketing department, indeed.


Shana Medly

Marketing Professional and Media Relations Expert

I had the great pleasure of working with Javier Castillo while I was a Marketing Consultant at the Anthony Robbins brand of companies (Robbins Research International). Javier came in on a contract basis to fill the role of a full time staffer that was going on maternity leave, but within a few short weeks was producing stellar web and print projects as if he’d worked there for years.

The marketing department is small and operates as a full-service agency. The pace in which work flows in and out of the department is incredibly rapid and the quantity of projects that comes through is immense. Javier has no problem in seamlessly balancing a full workload and producing flawless and compelling finished pieces.

Javier is an incredibly savvy designer with a great sense of exuding a clear picture of an organization’s brand identity and voice. He has a very strong work ethic, exceptionally dedicated to his work, and works cohesively with a wide variety of individuals at varying levels. His strengths lie in the ability to listen to customer requirements and design needs, and to develop those business requirements into an amazing design. His attention to detail, style and creative art is impeccable.

I have recommended Javier as a web designer and graphic designer within my business circles and will continue to do so without hesitation.


Mara-Lee Greiner

Vacation Advisor

Javier's work and professionalism is unparalleled. He has a true knack for making ideas come alive. Javier is also very proficient and even thrives in a fast-paced environment and is able to gracefully and cheerfully handle a large amount of projects at one time while still upholding a high level of artistry. It was a pleasure to work with him.


Jennifer Wakefield

Creative Recruiting

If I could clone Javier, I would! He is an absolute pleasure to work with and has consistently provided superb results for a number of my clients. Javier's enthusiasm, talent and deep knowledge of both web and graphic design breeds for high quality creative work. He possesses the keen ability to clearly communicate his ideas through design and code as well as take on new technologies and challenges. Javier is a proven and unique asset. Highly recommended!


Mark Hall

E-Commerce Conversion Rate Optimization Strategist

I've had the pleasure of working with Javier over the past few years on several projects including two complex web-based applications and two WordPress-based websites (one for my band; the other to showcase my design portfolio). In all of my interactions with him Javier showed strong out-of-the box creativity, keen coding skills, and a professional, collaborative personality that made the "journey" to the best design solution fun and rewarding.

I would highly recommend Javier as a person, creative mind and developer if you want to take your online experience to the next level.


Shimon Hasegawa

Project Manager, IT Security and Compliance

It was a pleasure working with Javier. His work displayed a high level of creativity and attention to detail across many projects. His proactive approach to each and every single project allowed our department to function smoothly amongst the high-demanding pace.

I'd gladly work with him again knowing his high level skill sets and ability to adapt to ever-changing working environments.


Ryan Harina

Small Business Owner

I've had the sincere pleasure of working with Javier Castillo, who provided me with web design and coding services. Javier was very flexible with scheduling and was able to meet with me during off hours. He was responsive and very helpful. I didn't hesitate to ask him how we could improve my site and he gave his honest opinion. Javier also has a great work ethic and was very reliable.

Due to many changes I requested, we finished the website a little behind schedule, but he was very accommodating.

I'm quite happy with his design work and the website he built - I will definitely be coming back to Javier with future work.


Mine Okano

Senior Staff Technical Project Manager

I truly enjoyed working with Javier during his time as an HTML coder at PINT. It was a comfort to know that any work assigned to Javier would be completed both on time and with great attention to detail. Javier has a great work ethic, and frequently put in the extra time it took to get client requests done properly. He also has a wonderful sense of humor and would be a great asset to any team. I hope we'll have a chance to work together again.


Robin Noble

Web Professional

I highly recommend Javier's work, talent, and character. He has all the traits that make him an essential part of any team; He is a consistently hard worker, very skilled in all aspects of web design, welcomes new challenges, is professional with colleagues and clients, and is always eager to lend a hand.


Rigie Chang

Front-end Web Developer

Javier is a very talented person who both has a design background and also ability to work with code.

Javier is a fun person to work with and has always exceeded expectations.


Bryan Sleiter

Product Designer

I enjoyed my time working with Javier at PINT, Inc. He is very skilled with HTML, CSS and design. He was always willing to drop what he was doing to answer my questions. Javier is a pleasure to work with and a dedicated team member.


Anita Handson

Account Director, Advertising

It has been an absolute pleasure working with Javier. He was not only a great mentor during my first days at PINT, but also a great team player. He completed each task that was assigned quickly and without compromising quality. He is the type of person who never hesitates to give a helping hand. Whenever I asked for assistance, he always responded, "Happy to Help." Javier is not only a positive, but skilled asset to have in your team.


Dmitriy Bekkerman

Software QA

I had a pleasure working with Javier who have proven to be diligent, through and reliable developer. We've worked on numerous client projects and he had eagerly taken the challenging situation under his control. I am positive Javier’s great team-playing, technical and social skills would make an excellent addition to any dev team.


Christopher Walden

Associate VP, Strategy

Javier Castillo is a great colleague and leader within the Production Department at PINT, Inc. When I came on board at PINT Javier took the time to explain history with client projects and clarified problematic situations and potential pitfalls. Javier is solution oriented and has helped me to get quality results to the client QUICKLY and in turned helped move PINT forward. Javier's level of technical expertise is high and and so is his professional demeanor. Javier is an asset to any team that he is on.


Shannon Kleiner

Client Services & Web Development Lead

I had the privilege of working with Javier Castillo at PINT, Inc., for whom he was employed as an HTML coder.

Javier is an extremely diligent worker with a clear desire to improve wherever possible. He is keenly aware of the necessity of producing high-quality work and is a terrific front-facing client services manager. In addition to this, he proved himself, time and again, to be a very pleasant and agreeable coworker; he is a pleasure to work with.

I would be more than happy to recommend Mr. Castillo for any similar, future position.


Liddy Loree

Sr. Learning Consultant

Javier is an excellent co-worker and colleague. Although we didn't work on the same projects or in the same department, he did collaborate with me on several jobs and was always proactive and highly productive. His work is as creative as it is impeccable. He's a pleasure to work with too!


William Byrd

Visual Designer, UI/UX

Javier is a sharp, enthusiastic, team player. He is a whiz with code and a great designer! I had the pleasure of working with him at IDS, and he has also helped me out on freelance projects. Javier has tremendous problem solving ability and has no problem digging in and getting things done. I would work with Javier, anytime, anywhere!